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  • foshan 800X800 marble floor tile
  • foshan 800X800 marble floor tile

foshan 800X800 marble floor tile

FOB Price USD $ 5.0-6.8 / Square Meter
Model MB30201NQ1
Min order one contain
Supply ability 50000 Square Meter / Week
Payment L/C , T/T, Cash
Port New Port , Foshan Port
Certification Saso, Ciq, Iso, Bv
Place Foshan

Supr flat marble tile is popular for adopting new technology and great quality

Size : 800X800mm

Material : Porcelain

Water absorption: ≤0.1%

Thickness: 12 mm

hardness: more than 6 grade

Product Name : living room 800X800 porcelain marble  floor tile

Size Available: 800x800mm

Low water absorption rate E<0.1% finished in kilns over 1180 degree.

Package of tile:neutral  carton, using pallets.

Material:glazed porcelain tile.

Imitation of nature marble stone, beautiful ,natural,and colorfull.

Usage: Living room, bathroom ,sleeping room, hotel, shpping mall and so on

Produc Show:

marble floor tile

About super flat marble  floor tile charateristic:

1.The most prominent feature of the super flat  marble floor tile  is the use of hard polishing technology, to create a smooth flat brick surface, make up for the common all cast glaze with water ripple defects, high flatness.

2.  the super flat marble tile to achieve the quality of full polished tile and upgrade its texture,but without the disadvantage of natural

3. The most worth mention  is that Mohs hardness  and ordinary polished   compared to significantly improve, overcome the whole cast defects of glaze is easy to wear, and the resistance to thermal shock, resistance to cracking performance .

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marble floor tile

 Below is the packing  detail for marble floor tile MB30201NQ1

Tile Size(mm) Grade CTN INFO. 20' GP/27 TONS
Soluble Salt Tile 500X500X7 AAA 7 32 1.75 840  26,880.00  1470.00
600X600X9 AAA 4 29 1.44 920  26,680.00  1324.80
800X800X11 AAA 3 45 1.92 600  27,000.00  1152.00
Polished Tile 600X600X9.5 AAA 4 30 1.44 900  27,000.00  1296.00
800X800X11 AAA 3 48 1.92 560  26,880.00  1075.20
super flat tile
600X600X10 AAA 4 34 1.44 790  26,860.00  1137.60
800X800X12 AAA 2 58 2 465  27,000.00  1036.80
Rustic tile 600X600X9.5 AAA 4 30 1.44 900  27,000.00  1296.00
800X800X10.5 AAA 3 48 1.92 600  28,800.00  1152.00
Ceramic tile 300X300X7 AAA 17 23.5 1.53 1150  27,025.00  1759.50
333X333X7.5 AAA 13 22.5 1.44 1200  27,000.00  1728.00
400X400X8 AAA 12 30 1.92 900  27,000.00  1728.00

marble floor tile

Marble floor tile  is of good qualty.

first ly when we produce ,we will arrange engineer  to control the pattern and production line to ensure the quality.

super flat marble tile

secondly, before we shiping ,we arrange the third party to test the qualty,so  many customer satistied with our product and we win good feedback from our customer

super flat marble tile

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