cotto glazed porcelain tile
cotto porcelain tile
cotto glazed tile 
cotto tile
  • cotto glazed porcelain tile
  • cotto glazed porcelain tile

cotto glazed porcelain tile

FOB Price US $5.0-6.9/ Square Meter
Model MB1066G
Brand Sincere
Min order 500 Square Meters
Supply ability 50000 Square Meters/Week
Payment T/T or L/C at sight
Port Foshan
Certification CE,CIQ,SASO,ISO9001
Place foshan

Cotto glazed porcelain tile

1.certificate: got SASO&ISO Certificate. Good in abrasion and chemical corrosion resistance.

2.Size:600*600*10.3mm, 800*800*11.5mm ;

3.technology : roller printing

4.Low water absorption, less than 0.03%

5. finished : polished glazed tile 

6.material : porcelain ,first choice
Cotto glazed porcelain tile

·  Tile, Floor tile,Glazed polished porcelain tile,roller printing 

·  Size:600*600*10.3mm, 800*800*11.5mm 

·  Different designs of glazed polished floor tile

·   Low water absorption, less than 0.03%

·  Good in water abrasion and chemical corrosion resistance

·  SASO, ISO cerificate for polished tile,ceramic wall and floor tile

·  Popular in international market (Europen, American, South American, Middle East,   Southeast Asia, Africa)

·  Payment Terms: T/T, L/C        

Pattern :

 Its natural elegance sets a perfect statement for it use the roller printing technology.

cotto glazed porcelain tiles are an innovative product that is gaining popularity among

homeowners, builders, and interior designers.glazed porcelain is admired for its glossy beauty and durability

Cotto Glazed Porcelain Tile

Quality .

1.nano finish makes to be easy clean

2. non slip make it safer

3.about 10.3mm makes it stronger

4.over 95% of glossiness make it brighter

5.1757 N makes roller marble tile  durable

7.   6. child friendly

§    7.asthma friendly

§    8.fireproof

M   More design:

Cotto Glazed Porcelain Tile

Cotto Glazed Porcelain Tile

in order to protect the product when shipment, our company use effective ways to packing  .

Package: Carton box, wooden pallets.   

600*600mm:4pcs/1.44sqm/34.5kgs/BOX, 792ctns/27324kgs/1140.48sqm/20HQ

800*800mm:3pcs/1.92sqm/49.5kgs/BOX, 560ctns/27720kgs/1075.20sqm/20HQ

1000*1000mm:2pcs/2sqm/59kgs/BOX, 420ctns/24780kgs/840.00sqm/20HQ

cotto glazed porcelain tile packing

cotto glazed porcelain tile

It is a fantastic, tough, and very durable product that makes an ideal floor surface.

It is easy to live with, easy to clean and maintain, and will look brilliant for many, many years.

Plus, of course, porcelain also has many other benefits like all ceramic tiles.

cotto glazed porcelain tile quality

Also, we will invite the third party to test the quality

cotto glazed porcelain tile certificated

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