These Decor Tiles You've Never Seen Before

As the highly decorative ceramic product, unique design is the magic weapon for decoration tiles to stand out in the fierce competition. How to make decoration tiles show distinctive effect without being stereotyped? The product design process of Italian tiles and their philosophy might be one good example:

Recently, a well-known Italian porcelian floor tile brand, along with Giulio Iacchetti, the famous Italian designer, has launched the "Labyrinth" series tiles focus on the art of illusion, reflecting the Italian's focus and the pursuit to the top ceramic tiles.

The design of this series has completely overturned the traditional pattern design on the available market, even differred from geometric tiles, which are very popular in recent years.

Complex network of lines constitute the stripes of “Labyrinth". Designer Iacchetti bodly uses complex pattern combination, making decoration tiles countless possibilities of combination. "Labyrinth" shows impressive performance in both home and public space. This tile not only gives more imagination and sentiment to home space, meanwhile, it also creates unlimited possibilities for interior designers to exert their space inspiration.

"Labyrinth" series is divided into "angle" and "mirror", both of them are designed  on the base of unrestricted combination, Therefore, everyone can coose the way they want to creat unique and special "labyrinth" in their personal space, and this is the most special part of "Labyrinth"

"Angle" has navy blue, pearl white and blue-gray 3 colors, all of them show the strong and multi-leveled pattern concepts; while "Mirror" utilizes rich and deep stripes which looks like fabric. There are smoke gray, sand color, and silver 3 colors available.

This series is inspired by Abers's geometric abstract painting. He created a style called “Hard Edge”, which is drawn by the designer. The above is Abers' s work.

"Labyrinth" series shows a strict sense of sequence, bravely breaking through the shackles of the mainstream design and brings us into the world with strong emotional vision.

"Labyrinth" series can be completely different by slightly changing the way of laying - The minimalistic details of "Angle" series' Z-shape is dazing. "Mirror" series is to show the mirror-like reflection of a symmetrical pattern. As the designer said that those decoration porcelain floor tile focused on illusion arts can give people a feeling that the patten can be endlessly extented.

The exquisite decoration tile design creates a unique landscape, making people's lives more fun-oriented. Although the Chinese decoration tile market is just “A tiny bud comes out of the little lotus.” It will be further promoted as time goes on and it will win wider attention. It would be a good way for domestic brands to learn experiences from Italian ceramic enterprises, implementing "designer + factory" joint cooperation mechanism, to create personalized and artistic decoration porcelian floor tile products.